Commit d621f931 authored by Sjoerd Simons's avatar Sjoerd Simons
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Add apertis as deployment type

Apertis is a Debian derivative with images that typically do *not* have
bash and often the rootfs is mounted read-only as well

Create a new deployment type which differs in these two aspects from
Debian (sh as shell, /var/lib the location that can be assumed writable
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......@@ -34,6 +34,22 @@ android = {
"lava_test_shell_file": None,
apertis = {
"TESTER_PS1": r"apertis-test [rc=$(echo \$?)]# ",
"TESTER_PS1_PATTERN": r"apertis-test \[rc=(\d+)\]# ",
"boot_cmds": "boot_cmds",
"line_separator": "\n",
# for lava-test-shell
"distro": "apertis",
"tar_flags": "--warning no-timestamp",
"lava_test_sh_cmd": "/bin/sh",
"lava_test_dir": "/var/lib/lava-%s",
"lava_test_results_part_attr": "root_part",
"lava_test_results_dir": "/var/lib/lava-%s",
"lava_test_shell_file": "~/.bashrc",
archlinux = {
"TESTER_PS1": r"linaro-test [rc=$(echo \$?)]# ",
"TESTER_PS1_PATTERN": r"linaro-test \[rc=(\d+)\]# ",
......@@ -206,6 +222,7 @@ ubuntu = {
deployments = {
"android": android,
"apertis": apertis,
"archlinux": archlinux,
"centos": centos,
"centos_installer": centos_installer,
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