Commit efa0f5ee authored by Neil Williams's avatar Neil Williams Committed by Remi Duraffort
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Add a bulk job status XML-RPC query

Querying status of individual jobs is slow, so add a call which
takes a list and optimise the function to get all the status
data in one query. Ensure multinode sub_ids are handled cleanly.

Change-Id: I52f0e1c268ad62638ab7d3874271627530cc24ba
parent 1524cddc
......@@ -3,7 +3,7 @@ import yaml
import jinja2
from simplejson import JSONDecodeError
from django.core.exceptions import PermissionDenied
from django.db.models import Count
from django.db.models import Count, Q
from linaro_django_xmlrpc.models import ExposedAPI
from lava_scheduler_app.models import (
......@@ -593,7 +593,7 @@ class SchedulerAPI(ExposedAPI):
`bundle_sha1`: string
The sha1 hash code of the bundle, if it existed. Otherwise it will be
an empty string.
an empty string. (LAVA V1 only)
if not job_id:
......@@ -607,6 +607,10 @@ class SchedulerAPI(ExposedAPI):
except TestJob.DoesNotExist:
raise xmlrpclib.Fault(404, "Specified job not found.")
if job.is_pipeline:
return job.get_status_display()
bundle_sha1 = ""
bundle_sha1 = job.results_link.split('/')[-2]
......@@ -620,6 +624,60 @@ class SchedulerAPI(ExposedAPI):
return job_status
def job_list_status(self, job_id_list):
job_list_status ([job_id, job_id, job_id])
Get the status of a list of job ids.
`job_id_list`: list
List of job ids for which the output is required.
For multinode jobs specify the job sub_id as a float
in the XML-RPC call:
job_list_status([1, 2, 3,1, 5])
Return value
The user needs to be authenticated with an username and token.
This function returns an XML-RPC structure of job status with the
following content.
`job_status`: string
{ID: ['Submitted'|'Running'|'Complete'|'Incomplete'|'Canceled'|'Canceling']}
If the user is not able to view one of the specified jobs, that entry
will be omitted.
job_status = {}
# optimise the query for a long list instead of using the
# convenience handlers
if not isinstance(job_id_list, list):
raise xmlrpclib.Fault(400, "Bad request: needs to be a list")
if not all(isinstance(chk, (float, int)) for chk in job_id_list):
raise xmlrpclib.Fault(400, "Bad request: needs to be a list of integers or floats")
jobs = TestJob.objects.filter(
Q(id__in=job_id_list) | Q(sub_id__in=job_id_list)).select_related(
'actual_device', 'requested_device', 'requested_device_type')
for job in jobs:
device_type = job.job_device_type()
if not job.can_view(self.user) or not job.is_accessible_by(self.user) and not self.user.is_superuser:
if device_type.owners_only:
# do the more expensive check second and only for a hidden device type
if device_type.num_devices_visible_to(self.user) == 0:
job_status[str(job.display_id)] = job.get_status_display()
return job_status
def worker_heartbeat(self, heartbeat_data):
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