Commit f0a272b4 authored by Neil Williams's avatar Neil Williams Committed by Senthil Kumaran Shanmugasundaram
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Extend recent job support to requested device type

Change-Id: I3b4fdc4fe90fb8afd2f3605cedd965762f3bfb51
parent 24d21cdb
......@@ -320,6 +320,89 @@ class SchedulerAPI(ExposedAPI):
return all_device_types
def get_recent_jobs_for_device_type(self, device_type, count=1, restrict_to_user=False):
`get_recent_jobs_for_device_type` (`device_type`, `count=1`, `restrict_to_user=False`)
Get details of recently finished jobs for a given device_type. Limits the list
to test jobs submitted by the user making the query if restrict_to_user is set to
True. Get only the most recent job by default, but count can be set higher to
get for example the last 10 jobs.
`device_type`: string
Name of the device_type for which you want the jobs
`count`: integer (Optional, default=1)
Number of last jobs you want
`restrict_to_user`: boolean (Optional, default=False)
Fetch only the jobs submitted by the user making the query if set to True
Return value
This function returns a list of dictionaries, which correspond to the
list of recently finished jobs informations (Complete or Incomplete)
for this device, ordered from youngest to oldest.
'description': 'ramdisk health check',
'id': 359828,
'status': 'Complete',
'device': 'black01'
'description': 'standard ARMMP NFS',
'id': 359827
'status': 'Incomplete',
'device': 'black02'
if not device_type:
raise xmlrpclib.Fault(
400, "Bad request: device_type was not specified."
if count < 0:
raise xmlrpclib.Fault(
400, "Bad request: count must not be negative."
dt = DeviceType.objects.get(name=device_type, display=True)
except Device.DoesNotExist:
raise xmlrpclib.Fault(
404, "DeviceType '%s' was not found." % device_type
if not dt.some_devices_visible_to(self.user):
raise xmlrpclib.Fault(
403, "DeviceType '%s' not available to user '%s'." %
(device_type, self.user)
job_qs = TestJob.objects.filter(
status__in=(TestJob.COMPLETE, TestJob.INCOMPLETE),
if restrict_to_user:
job_qs = job_qs.filter(submitter=self.user)
job_list = []
for job in job_qs.all()[:count]:
job_dict = {
"description": job.description,
"status": job.get_status_display(),
"device": job.actual_device.hostname,
if not job.can_view(self.user):
job_dict["id"] = None
return job_list
def get_recent_jobs_for_device(self, device, count=1, restrict_to_user=False):
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