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This chapter explains how to install the crostests package and build its
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``crostests`` has the following strict requirements:
- `Python <>`_ 3.5 or later
- `unittest2 <>`_ 1.1.0 or later
Installing ``crostests``
To install ``crostests`` with `pip <>`_, run::
pip install git+
Testing an Installed ``crostests``
The easiest way to test if your installed version of ``crostests`` is running
correctly is to use one of the runner function::
python3 -m cros.runners.lava_runner
The tests should run and print out the result.
Building Documentation
Building the documentation requires the ``crostests`` source code and some
additional packages. The easiest way to install the extra dependencies for
documentation is to install the distribution packages:
* `Sphinx <>`_ - the main package we use to build
the documentation
* `python3-sphinx-rtd-theme <>`_ -
the default 'bootstrap' theme used by ``crostests``
The easy way is to execute the command (from the ``crostests`` source
cd docs
make html
The documentation will be built in the ``docs/build/html`` directory, and can
be read by pointing a web browser to ``docs/build/html/index.html``.
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