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README: Add section about nosuid option

If the Docker container is used, the host partition running the
bootstrap script should not be a partition with 'nosuid' option.
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......@@ -68,6 +68,16 @@ helper scripts to build firmware images for some known device types. All this i
_Note: For a recent system using a 5.10 kernel, a patch is needed to be able
to fix a cgroup error. It is automatically applied. See [`cros-build/setup/`](
The Docker container will use `chroot`. For that, the system should not be
mounted with `nosuid` option. As Docker is just a binding of the host system
for such mount options, make sure to have your host partition
with the `suid` option and not `nosuid` one. Otherwise, you may encounter
errors like this:
13:03:37: ERROR: chroot cannot be in a nosuid mount
The containers are using the following local directories on the host:
* cache: used by the SDK tools, for example to store SDK tarballs
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