Commit 2f36ef9f authored by Guillaume Tucker's avatar Guillaume Tucker
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cros-build: add

Add the script to create the Chromium OS SDK chroot.
Install it in the Docker container and call it in the
script to automatically set everything up.

Signed-off-by: Guillaume Tucker's avatarGuillaume Tucker <>
parent e7779df3
......@@ -50,3 +50,10 @@ RUN \
-g firmware \
--depth=1 && \
repo sync -j4
# install helper scripts and do extra setup
RUN git config --global cros-sdk-firmware
RUN git config --global
ARG cros_device
ENV CROS_DEVICE=$cros_device
ADD --chown=cros-build setup/
......@@ -48,6 +48,6 @@ docker-compose up --build -d
docker-compose ps
# set up the Chrome OS SDK chroot in the container
docker-compose exec cros-sdk /bin/bash
docker-compose exec cros-sdk /bin/bash
exit 0
set -e
echo "device: $CROS_DEVICE"
echo "Creating CrOS SDK chroot..."
cros_sdk \
--enter \
--nouse-image \
--no-ns-pid \
--debug \
--chroot "$chroot_dir" \
--cache-dir "$cache_dir"
exit 0
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