Commit 9b20195a authored by Guillaume Tucker's avatar Guillaume Tucker
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cros-build: move Dockerfile to setup directory

Move the Dockerfile to the setup directory and change the context
accordingly.  This is to restrict the Docker context to the files that
are really needed, and avoid copying things like the cache and chroot
directories when rebuilding the container.

Signed-off-by: Guillaume Tucker's avatarGuillaume Tucker <>
parent 2f36ef9f
......@@ -2,7 +2,7 @@ version: '3'
context: .
context: setup
cros_device: ${CROS_DEVICE}
cros_sdk_branch: ${CROS_SDK_BRANCH}
......@@ -56,4 +56,4 @@ RUN git config --global cros-sdk-firmware
RUN git config --global
ARG cros_device
ENV CROS_DEVICE=$cros_device
ADD --chown=cros-build setup/
ADD --chown=cros-build
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