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Add a basic with some minimal instructions about how to
flash a firmware image on a Chromebook using

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Chromebook Firmware Utilities
# Flashing
The `` tool can be used to flash firmware images onto Chromebook
devices using a Servo interface. To use it, clone this repository with Git LFS
sudo apt install git-lfs
git clone
cd flash-tools
git lfs fetch
git lfs checkout
This includes a specific `flashrom` binary with its library dependencies copied
from the Chromium OS SDK.
Then to flash a firmware image, the target device needs to be in the Google
Servo config file which is typically `/etc/google-servo.conf`. This is where
the device serial numbers are associated with their names. There also needs to
be a `servod` service running to be able to access the device.
Here's a sample command to flash a firmware, given all the preconditions are
./ \
--device=rk3399-gru-kevin-cbg-0 \
It can take a few minutes. There should be these messages around the end,
which can vary depending on the type of Chromebook:
Erasing and writing flash chip... Verifying flash... VERIFIED.
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