Commit e9da93c1 authored by Guillaume Tucker's avatar Guillaume Tucker
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remove script now that we have

The script has been tested with a "hana" Chromebook
which was previously flashed using  So
can now be dropped.

Signed-off-by: Guillaume Tucker's avatarGuillaume Tucker <>
parent 3ea9c48c
set -e
export PATH=$PWD/bin:$PATH
[ -n "$device" ] || {
echo "Missing device name"
exit 1
[ -n "$fw" ] || {
echo "Missing firmware file"
exit 1
[ -f "$fw" ] || {
echo "Firmware file not found: $fw"
exit 1
local args="$@"
echo "args: [$args]"
dut-control --rcfile=/etc/google-servo.conf -n $device $args
md5sum "$fw"
echo "* reset"
cmd cold_reset:off
sleep 1
cmd cold_reset:on
sleep 1
echo "* vref on"
cmd spi2_vref:pp1800 spi2_buf_en:on
sleep 1
echo "* backup $backup"
flashrom --programmer raiden_debug_spi:serial=$serial -r "$backup"
echo "* fw_wp"
cmd fw_wp_en:on
cmd fw_wp:off
cmd fw_up:on
cmd fw_wp_en
cmd fw_wp
cmd fw_up
sleep 1
echo "* erase"
flashrom --programmer raiden_debug_spi:serial=$serial -E
echo "* flash [$fw]"
flashrom --programmer raiden_debug_spi:serial=$serial -w "$fw"
echo "* vref off"
cmd spi2_vref:off spi2_buf_en:off
sleep 1
echo "* reboot"
cmd cpu_uart_en:on
cmd dev_mode:on
sleep 1
cmd cpu_uart_en
cmd dev_mode
cmd cold_reset:off
cmd dev_mode:on
sleep 1
cmd dev_mode
exit 0
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