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LAVA Software 2020.02 release

Signed-off-by: default avatarRémi Duraffort <>
parent 0140b3df
lava (2020.02-1) unstable; urgency=medium
* LAVA Software 2020.02 release
85899aeb6 juno template tests: remove unused nfs_uboot_bootcmd
f97c77d4b vexpress: send u-boot commands one by one
38617cecd Procfile: allow extra command line options via environment variables
170bdbc01 dispatcher: add support for debugging with remote-pdb
61f2af3b1 devices-types: add meson-sm1-khadas-vim3l
e2af9f9fc doc: fix typo
d73e2cd6d CI: remove tests on Debian stretch
786f48c5a CI: coverage is already running under Buster
2af312b52 requirements: remove stretch files
98b2172c9 Remove the stretch debian build
b44e699e4 release: no need to update stretch anymore
13454d590 Rest API: remove stretch specific support
95292c636 debian: remove outdated REAMDE.Debian
e0f3b17c7 rest-api: remove support for old tap versions
2710cb7c5 Remove references to Debian Stretch
3f01452d3 doc: replace references to lava-tool by lavacli whenever possible
9a05cef96 Add new settings to dispatcher config for dispatcher IP.
c1bbe21d1 dispatcher: rework the DownloaderAction
e9f5895af DowloaderAction: remove old code
38cc64724 Fix pypy3 warnings
c61131bfd release: fix the release script after the last CI changes
516fca43c lava_results_app: fix html syntax
bd29a0dff ShellLogger: flush the output when closing
db444bd06 RetryAction: update the start time only when retrying
63aadb062 Connection prompts should be an array
79511cebf Cosmetics: fix identation
36c42a543 docker: fix lava-server entrypoint
ae2e910ef Set the favicon in the base template
40960d0c3 Remove redondant call to exists
f547b9341 requirements: installing from sources is ok now
bd55de7e5 docker: remove unused packages from lava-server-base container
930ad211a Make VExpressFlashErase pipeline step conditional
163c35ca5 Convert "VExpressMsdAction" to a retry action
2dd8b8c6e SchedulerAPI should inherit from ExposedV2API.
a648c8253 download: fix issue after c1bbe21d12
3c532457d device-types: Add sun50i-h5-nanopi-neo-plus2
46557987b Add cancel command for TestJob viewset in REST API.
1d1ad44bf menu: the documentation is at docs/v2/index.html
c0555bbaf server: use whitenoise to serve static files
535b8500d docker: install python3-whitenoise
62d213054 docker: pre-compress resources using gzip
fb506ae35 apache2: simplify the configuration after the adoption of whitenoise
9bf544b33 xmlrpc: remove deprecated functions
ac5f5b099 device-types: add rk3288-miqi
d03726b9f docker: upgrade sentry-sdk to the latest release
a6c23e4b6 lava-logs: remove expensive debugging
725e3ced2 device-types: add flasher support for MPS2
30e1427ea Remove dependency on django-testscenarios
2d91845c9 doc: user-notifications: Small cleanups/improvements.
30c10b97e apache: fix configuration when mod php is not enabled
bfd607b52 debian: improve dependencies
2df04e8f3 Fix operator list being empty after field selection in query condition edit.
05ae77eef Add UUU boot and deploy methods
e4fef1902 lava_dispatcher: test pipeline for uuu deploy and boot
3ee45bf29 schema: add uuu deploy/boot validation
822480582 Fix DownloaderAction call in uuu deploy
4772bee07 CI: fix coverage reporting
79695eea9 Fix python3.8 warning
d5da02eca Add a command to wait for database and migrations
04ede79d9 docker: use the new "lava-server manage wait" helper
b53c24eae debian: remove unused dependency on python3-setuptools
4d4142a73 debian: remove broken symlink
5ede97e16 api: Add validate as extra routing action for TestJobs REST API.
fb4313f38 api: Add resubmit as extra routing action for TestJobs REST API.
2cb218966 cpio archive/extract: move the code to helpers
153ff748c api: Aliases authorization.
e491c29db download handler: validate that keys are not path
6214c56ab Musca (A) support
8af26713e Adding Musca A and B device-types
fdbb1f5f7 Moving Musca test objects to new location
4d349d377 Create udev_wait_changed_event
0b2cf695a Move internal_pipeline to pipeline
84191d680 Fix remaining naive dates
3b3c5f482 CI: remove unneeded test and corresponding data
1e209a05e test: fix device schemas
492e293e2 CI: impove schema checks
ba5cdb3bf CI: rename job-schema to schemas
7354de0d3 device-types: add bcm2711-rpi-4-b
39f47d351 CI: remove explicit device configuration
6a2fa3dd7 mustang-uefi: fix template syntax
624cec63c Musca support tweaks
3bbe33c9c schema: allow to use deploy overlays
cfa30f6ab Add a new method to append overlays to an existing image
10eed80b1 download: factorize the code and fix logging
833112bc0 Use the new AppendOverlays action when downloading
68c5a7e80 qemu: allow to use the new AppendOverlays action
a9422c744 Document the new overlay feature
1d3768e6c Add a simple test for the AppendOverlays feature
4d6617bcc AppendOverlays: improve test coverage
06a4d3824 doc : uuu deploy/boot methods
5aeea7afe Rework of imx8m templates
789ae0430 Tests : remove deprecated imx8m device type
a9ec9728b Vexpress uboot command changes after uboot changes
ede94e0b8 doc: make yaml indentation consistent
6d0f28fbc uuu: make sure usb_otg_path variable is treated as strings
f27170d6f dispatcher: deploy/overlay: add action to create overlay unconditionally
67d13a614 dispatcher: deploy/overlay: make deployment_data optional
94801c831 dispatcher: ShellSession: centralize logger creation
96e44395e dispatcher: ShellSession: log when prompt_str changes
713a3e865 dispatcher: Action: extract method for getting logging_info
96fcb81a3 lava-dispatcher-host: allow passing full device node names
a77ee6424 lava_dispatcher_host: add docker support
044626ebc lava_dispatcher_host: reject mappings with empty device_info
3c405afdb dispatcher: add docker test action
74311ad0e Support new permission management via REST API
ba26835d0 Add unit tests for filtering in REST API
159e6d170 device-types: bcm2711-rpi-4-b: support booting rpi-sources
4f3e63d2b Fix nbd deploy
f02158f56 docker: allow to skip calls to check_owners
179b2b363 docker: add a variable to add any extra arguments
-- Remi Duraffort <> Wed, 26 Feb 2020 15:16:44 +0100
lava (2020.01-1) unstable; urgency=medium
* LAVA Software 2020.01 release
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