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fixup minimumrequests?, wait kieran answer

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......@@ -656,19 +656,29 @@ associated with immutable values, which represent static characteristics that ca
be used by applications to identify camera devices in the system. Properties can be
registered by inspecting the values of V4L2 controls from the video devices and
camera sensor (for example to retrieve the position and orientation of a camera)
or to express other immutable characteristics. The example pipeline handler does
not register any property, but examples are available in the libcamera code
or to express other immutable characteristics.
.. TODO: Add a property example to the pipeline handler. At least the model.
A required property is ``MinimumRequests``, which indicates how many requests
need to be queued in the pipeline to satisfy the minimum number of buffers
required by the driver.
In our case, the vivid driver requires 2 buffers before it'll start streaming
(can be seen in the ``min_buffers_needed`` property for the ``vid_cap`` queue in
vivid's code), so we'll use this value as our ``MinimumRequests``. Append the
following line to ``init()``:
.. code-block:: cpp
properties_.set(properties::MinimumRequests, 2);
At this point you need to add the following includes to the top of the file for
handling controls:
handling controls and properties:
.. code-block:: cpp
#include <libcamera/controls.h>
#include <libcamera/control_ids.h>
#include <libcamera/property_ids.h>
Generating a default configuration
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