Commit 14b9a34f authored by Mathieu Duponchelle's avatar Mathieu Duponchelle
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mpegtsmux: add custom AC-3 descriptor

tsdemux expects a custom descriptor (GST_MTS_DESC_AC3_AUDIO_STREAM)
to detect a stream as AC3 and not EAC3.

Note that tsdemux expects this descriptor because mpegtsmux writes
a stream with a HDMV registration descriptor.


gst-launch-1.0 -v audiotestsrc ! avenc_ac3 ! ac3parse ! mpegtsmux ! \
tsdemux ! ac3parse ! avdec_ac3 ! audioconvert ! autoaudiosink
parent 8e8eb41d
......@@ -974,7 +974,11 @@ tsmux_stream_get_es_descrs (TsMuxStream * stream,
descriptor = gst_mpegts_descriptor_from_registration ("AC-3",
add_info, 6);
g_ptr_array_add (pmt_stream->descriptors, descriptor);
descriptor =
gst_mpegts_descriptor_from_custom (GST_MTS_DESC_AC3_AUDIO_STREAM,
add_info, 6);
g_ptr_array_add (pmt_stream->descriptors, descriptor);
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