aptly: Don't re-publish repositories on project updates

Aptly is currently re-publishing (dropping and publishing again)
repositories when the project configuration is changed. This is
performed to update the components and architectures of the published
distribution based on the updated project configuration.

OBS/aptly contains a hack allowing the usage of slashes `/` in the
publish distribution field, which we're currently using to have the
snapshots published in the same prefix and using a distribution name
with the form: `$release/snapshots/$timestamp`. This makes the snapshots
folder to be inside the same `dists` directory where the repositories
are published.

There's a bug in the above implementation, where:
* OBS project configuration is updated, triggering a re-publishing of
  the distribution.
* Aptly drops the published distribution.
* If aptly doesn't have any other distribution published in the same
  prefix, it will remove the entire `dists` folder, with all the
  snapshots in it.
* Aptly publishes the distribution again.

This bug is making aptly to drop all the snapshots, as it assumes these
can't be stored within the published distribution.

Let's HACK this quickly by disabling the re-publishing temporarily. Note
that OBS will create the aptly repositories and publish them on the
first project configuration, but it won't re-publish it at all on
further config updates.

Signed-off-by: Ariel D'Alessandro <ariel.dalessandro@collabora.com>
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