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Make sure we’re able to fetch files we’re about to retain

This is a hack.

OBS tracks metadata and package data separately. Separate
revlogs and separate trees. When we create a checkout with
meta=True, osc will only request metadata part of the package.

This is good for us, since it allows us to start with a mostly
clean working directory and still proceed without downloading
all of the current contents only to possibly remove it in the
first step.

However, this also means that we cannot request contents of the
latest package tree if we want to retain some files.

osc used to allow downloading files for package checkouts with
meta=True, but it no longer does.

An alternative hack is to create a checkout with meta=False,
set the max. download size to 1 byte, check out the latest
revision and mark all existing files for deletion.

Or we can flip the meta flag back to False after we’re done
checking out and manually rewind the current revision to the
latest one.

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