Commit 056de4ae authored by Stefan Becker's avatar Stefan Becker
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configure: support --without-ignored-network-interface-prefix

This fixes commit b4abda09

--without-XXX sets $withval to "no", hence we must check for this special
value instead of ignoring network interfaces that start with "no".
parent d4bc4fa3
......@@ -403,7 +403,7 @@ AC_ARG_WITH([ignored-network-interface-prefix],
check algorithm. For example, interfaces "virbr" in the case of the virtual bridge
handled by libvirtd, do not help in finding connectivity.])],
AS_IF([test -n "$interface_prefix"],
AS_IF([test -n "$interface_prefix" && test "x$interface_prefix" != "xno"],
[[interface_prefix_list=`echo $interface_prefix | sed 's/,/","/g'`]
[Ignore this network interface prefix from the connection check])
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