Commit 0d59be5d authored by Olivier Crête's avatar Olivier Crête
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agent: Make it possible to set the relays after gathering

This allows finding the relays asynchronously while trying to connect
with other methods.
parent 8e779dfb
......@@ -1921,6 +1921,7 @@ nice_agent_set_relay_info(NiceAgent *agent,
Component *component = NULL;
Stream *stream = NULL;
gboolean ret = TRUE;
TurnServer *turn;
......@@ -1932,7 +1933,7 @@ nice_agent_set_relay_info(NiceAgent *agent,
if (!agent_find_component (agent, stream_id, component_id, NULL,
if (!agent_find_component (agent, stream_id, component_id, &stream,
&component)) {
ret = FALSE;
goto done;
......@@ -1959,6 +1960,23 @@ nice_agent_set_relay_info(NiceAgent *agent,
component->turn_servers = g_list_append (component->turn_servers, turn);
if (stream->gathering_started) {
GSList *i;
for (i = component->local_candidates; i; i = i->next) {
NiceCandidate *candidate = i->data;
if (candidate->type == NICE_CANDIDATE_TYPE_HOST)
priv_add_new_candidate_discovery_turn (agent,
candidate->sockptr, turn, stream,
if (agent->discovery_unsched_items)
discovery_schedule (agent);
agent_unlock_and_emit (agent);
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