Commit 2ef4bd7b authored by Michael Olbrich's avatar Michael Olbrich Committed by Olivier Crête

agent: fix crash with debugging enabled

For some connection types nicesock->fileno is never set.
Make sure it is not NULL before using it.
parent fd22f80b
......@@ -3889,7 +3889,7 @@ agent_recv_message_unlocked (
nice_address_to_string (message->from, tmpbuf);
nice_debug_verbose ("%s: Agent %p : Packet received on local socket %p "
"(fd %d) from [%s]:%u (%" G_GSSIZE_FORMAT " octets).", G_STRFUNC, agent,
nicesock, g_socket_get_fd (nicesock->fileno), tmpbuf,
nicesock, nicesock->fileno ? g_socket_get_fd (nicesock->fileno) : -1, tmpbuf,
nice_address_get_port (message->from), message->length);
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