Commit 33be596f authored by Olivier Crête's avatar Olivier Crête
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pseudotcp: Use different g_log domain for pseudotcp

Also add one for pseudotcp-verbose
parent 7dea3231
......@@ -516,20 +516,10 @@ static void resize_receive_buffer (PseudoTcpSocket *self, guint32 new_size);
// The following logging is for detailed (packet-level) pseudotcp analysis only.
static PseudoTcpDebugLevel debug_level = PSEUDO_TCP_DEBUG_NONE;
#ifndef _MSC_VER
#define DEBUG(level, fmt, ...) \
if (debug_level >= level) \
g_debug ("PseudoTcpSocket %p: " fmt, self, ## __VA_ARGS__)
/* HACK ALERT: To avoid Visual Studio compiler error due to the following bug
* we need to expand the g_debug macro and use g_log directly
#define DEBUG(level, fmt, ...) \
if (debug_level >= level) \
g_log (G_LOG_DOMAIN, G_LOG_LEVEL_DEBUG, "PseudoTcpSocket %p: " fmt, \
#define DEBUG(level, fmt, ...) \
if (debug_level >= level) \
g_log (level == PSEUDO_TCP_DEBUG_NORMAL ? "libnice-pseudotcp" : "libnice-pseudotcp-verbose", G_LOG_LEVEL_DEBUG, "PseudoTcpSocket %p: " fmt, \
self, ## __VA_ARGS__)
pseudo_tcp_set_debug_level (PseudoTcpDebugLevel level)
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