Commit 4212b49a authored by Olivier Crête's avatar Olivier Crête

conncheck: Fetch stream once instead of twice

parent dcf3d71e
......@@ -1742,19 +1742,24 @@ int conn_check_send (NiceAgent *agent, CandidateCheckPair *pair)
guint32 priority;
uint8_t uname[NICE_STREAM_MAX_UNAME];
gsize uname_len =
priv_create_username (agent, agent_find_stream (agent, pair->stream_id),
pair->component_id, pair->remote, pair->local, uname, sizeof (uname), FALSE);
Stream *stream;
gsize uname_len;
uint8_t *password = NULL;
gsize password_len = priv_get_password (agent,
agent_find_stream (agent, pair->stream_id), pair->remote, &password);
gsize password_len;
bool controlling = agent->controlling_mode;
/* XXX: add API to support different nomination modes: */
bool cand_use = controlling;
size_t buffer_len;
unsigned int timeout;
if (!agent_find_component (agent, pair->stream_id, pair->component_id,
&stream, NULL))
return -1;
uname_len = priv_create_username (agent, stream, pair->component_id,
pair->remote, pair->local, uname, sizeof (uname), FALSE);
password_len = priv_get_password (agent, stream, pair->remote, &password);
priority = peer_reflexive_candidate_priority (agent, pair->local);
if (password != NULL &&
......@@ -1814,18 +1819,18 @@ int conn_check_send (NiceAgent *agent, CandidateCheckPair *pair)
* check pair, until we discover a new local peer reflexive */
if (pair->sockptr->fileno == NULL &&
pair->local->transport == NICE_CANDIDATE_TRANSPORT_TCP_ACTIVE) {
Stream *stream = NULL;
Component *component = NULL;
Stream *stream2 = NULL;
Component *component2 = NULL;
NiceSocket *new_socket;
if (agent_find_component (agent, pair->stream_id, pair->component_id,
&stream, &component)) {
&stream2, &component2)) {
new_socket = nice_tcp_active_socket_connect (pair->sockptr,
if (new_socket) {
pair->sockptr = new_socket;
_priv_set_socket_tos (agent, pair->sockptr, stream->tos);
component_attach_socket (component, new_socket);
_priv_set_socket_tos (agent, pair->sockptr, stream2->tos);
component_attach_socket (component2, new_socket);
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