Commit 4c79b865 authored by Jakub Adam's avatar Jakub Adam Committed by Philip Withnall

agent: Only try to use the address of the same family to connect to TURN

Using a IPv6 local address to connect to a IPv4 relay just creates an
extra discovery attempt that will not provide something useful.

This commit fixes another place of TURN discovery creation which was
omitted in fc0d3744. In my case it cuts
down up to ~15 seconds from candidate gathering phase, making it almost
Reviewed-by: Olivier Crête's avatarOlivier Crête <>
Differential Revision:
parent 3c20e78f
......@@ -2870,10 +2870,15 @@ nice_agent_gather_candidates (
if (agent->full_mode && component &&
GList *item;
int host_ip_version = nice_address_ip_version (&host_candidate->addr);
for (item = component->turn_servers; item; item = item->next) {
TurnServer *turn = item->data;
if (host_ip_version != nice_address_ip_version (&turn->server)) {
priv_add_new_candidate_discovery_turn (agent,
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