Commit 7a05b330 authored by Philip Withnall's avatar Philip Withnall Committed by Olivier Crête
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agent: Slightly improve debugging output

parent 6b8039a2
......@@ -1054,7 +1054,7 @@ pseudo_tcp_socket_readable (PseudoTcpSocket *sock, gpointer user_data)
len = 0;
nice_debug ("%s: len %" G_GSSIZE_FORMAT, G_STRFUNC, len);
nice_debug ("%s: received %" G_GSSIZE_FORMAT " bytes", G_STRFUNC, len);
if (len > 0 && has_io_callback) {
component_emit_io_callback (component, buf, len);
......@@ -3090,16 +3090,15 @@ component_io_cb (GSocket *socket, GIOCondition condition, gpointer user_data)
goto done;
nice_debug ("Receiving on source %p (socket %p, FD %d).",
socket_source->source, socket_source->socket,
g_socket_get_fd (socket_source->socket->fileno));
/* Actually read the data. This will return 0 if the data has already been
* handled (e.g. for STUN control packets). */
len = agent_recv_locked (agent, stream, component, socket_source->socket,
recv_buf, recv_buf_len);
nice_debug ("\tReceived %" G_GSSIZE_FORMAT " bytes.", len);
nice_debug ("Received %" G_GSSIZE_FORMAT " bytes on source %p "
"(socket %p, FD %d).", len,
socket_source->source, socket_source->socket,
g_socket_get_fd (socket_source->socket->fileno));
if (len == 0) {
/* No data was available, probably due to being a reliable connection and
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