Commit 80c61369 authored by Olivier Crête's avatar Olivier Crête
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agent: Use base_addr to generate rport in SDP

Reported by Capricornus (zhushengliang)
parent b4abda09
......@@ -5690,7 +5690,7 @@ _generate_candidate_sdp (NiceAgent *agent,
g_string_append_printf (sdp, " typ %s", _cand_type_to_sdp (candidate->type));
if (nice_address_is_valid (&candidate->base_addr) &&
!nice_address_equal (&candidate->addr, &candidate->base_addr)) {
port = nice_address_get_port (&candidate->addr);
port = nice_address_get_port (&candidate->base_addr);
nice_address_to_string (&candidate->base_addr, ip4);
g_string_append_printf (sdp, " raddr %s rport %d", ip4,
port == 0 ? 9 : port);
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