Commit 8d370fa3 authored by Youness Alaoui's avatar Youness Alaoui
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Fix dribble mode for libnice.. adding a new remote candidate after one was...

Fix dribble mode for libnice.. adding a new remote candidate after one was nominated doesn't break anymore
parent 0f8c8b5c
......@@ -61,6 +61,7 @@
#include "stun/usages/turn.h"
static void priv_update_check_list_failed_components (NiceAgent *agent, Stream *stream);
static void priv_update_check_list_state_for_ready (NiceAgent *agent, Stream *stream, Component *component);
static void priv_prune_pending_checks (Stream *stream, guint component_id);
static gboolean priv_schedule_triggered_check (NiceAgent *agent, Stream *stream, Component *component, NiceSocket *local_socket, NiceCandidate *remote_cand, gboolean use_candidate);
static void priv_mark_pair_nominated (NiceAgent *agent, Stream *stream, Component *component, NiceCandidate *remotecand);
......@@ -393,16 +394,29 @@ static gboolean priv_conn_check_tick_unlocked (gpointer pointer)
if (res)
keep_timer_going = res;
/* step: stop timer if no work left */
if (keep_timer_going != TRUE) {
nice_debug ("Agent %p : %s: stopping conncheck timer", agent, G_STRFUNC);
for (i = agent->streams; i; i = i->next) {
Stream *stream = i->data;
priv_update_check_list_failed_components (agent, stream);
for (j = stream->components; j; j = j->next) {
Component *component = j->data;
priv_update_check_list_state_for_ready (agent, stream, component);
stream->conncheck_state = NICE_CHECKLIST_COMPLETED;
conn_check_free (agent);
/* Stopping the timer so destroy the source.. this will allow
the timer to be reset if we get a set_remote_candidates after this
point */
if (agent->conncheck_timer_source != NULL) {
g_source_destroy (agent->conncheck_timer_source);
g_source_unref (agent->conncheck_timer_source);
agent->conncheck_timer_source = NULL;
/* XXX: what to signal, is all processing now really done? */
nice_debug ("Agent %p : changing conncheck state to COMPLETED.", agent);
......@@ -1004,10 +1018,17 @@ int conn_check_add_for_candidate (NiceAgent *agent, guint stream_id, Component *
result = priv_add_new_check_pair (agent, stream_id, component, local, remote, NICE_CHECK_FROZEN, FALSE);
if (result) {
agent_signal_component_state_change (agent,
if (component->state < NICE_COMPONENT_STATE_CONNECTED) {
agent_signal_component_state_change (agent,
} else {
agent_signal_component_state_change (agent,
else {
added = -1;
......@@ -1041,6 +1062,7 @@ void conn_check_free (NiceAgent *agent)
for (i = agent->streams; i; i = i->next) {
Stream *stream = i->data;
nice_debug ("Agent %p, freeing conncheck_list of stream %p", agent, stream);
if (stream->conncheck_list) {
g_slist_foreach (stream->conncheck_list, conn_check_free_item, NULL);
g_slist_free (stream->conncheck_list),
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