Commit a5b8578d authored by Philip Withnall's avatar Philip Withnall Committed by Olivier Crête
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agent: Fix a leak in nice_output_stream_write() with a NULL cancellable

If @cancellable is NULL in a call to nice_output_stream_write(), the
WriteData struct is created with a reference count of 4, but only two
operations are scheduled which will result in its reference count being
decremented. The third operation is only scheduled if @cancellable is
non-NULL (and the final reference is dropped unconditionally at the end
of the function).

Fix this by properly implementing reference counting for WriteData,
rather than hard-coding the expected number of references in a fragile
and unmaintainable way.
parent 3e9a5905
......@@ -314,6 +314,13 @@ typedef struct {
gboolean cancelled;
} WriteData;
static WriteData *
write_data_ref (WriteData *write_data)
g_atomic_int_inc (&write_data->ref_count);
return write_data;
static void
write_data_unref (WriteData *write_data)
......@@ -384,26 +391,25 @@ nice_output_stream_write (GOutputStream *stream, const void *buffer, gsize count
* GCond solution; would be much better for nice_agent_send() to block
* properly in the main loop. */
write_data = g_slice_new0 (WriteData);
g_atomic_int_set (&write_data->ref_count, 4);
write_data->ref_count = 1;
g_mutex_init (&write_data->mutex);
g_cond_init (&write_data->cond);
if (cancellable != NULL) {
cancel_id = g_cancellable_connect (cancellable,
(GCallback) write_cancelled_cb, write_data,
(GCallback) write_cancelled_cb, write_data_ref (write_data),
(GDestroyNotify) write_data_unref);
closed_cancel_id = g_cancellable_connect (self->priv->closed_cancellable,
(GCallback) write_cancelled_cb, write_data,
(GCallback) write_cancelled_cb, write_data_ref (write_data),
(GDestroyNotify) write_data_unref);
g_mutex_lock (&write_data->mutex);
writeable_id = g_signal_connect_data (G_OBJECT (agent),
(GCallback) reliable_transport_writeable_cb, write_data,
(GCallback) reliable_transport_writeable_cb, write_data_ref (write_data),
(GClosureNotify) write_data_unref, 0);
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