Commit b4a2ec9c authored by Youness Alaoui's avatar Youness Alaoui
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no declarations after code.. this way it will build on windows

parent b21caf2e
......@@ -165,8 +165,8 @@ socket_recv (NiceSocket *sock, NiceAddress *from, guint len, gchar *buf)
return ret;
} else if ((guint) ret == sizeof(SSL_SERVER_HANDSHAKE) &&
memcmp(SSL_SERVER_HANDSHAKE, data, sizeof(SSL_SERVER_HANDSHAKE)) == 0) {
priv->handshaken = TRUE;
struct to_be_sent *tbs = NULL;
priv->handshaken = TRUE;
while ((tbs = g_queue_pop_head (&priv->send_queue))) {
nice_socket_send (priv->base_socket, &tbs->to, tbs->length, tbs->buf);
g_free (tbs->buf);
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