Commit c122e5ad authored by Olivier Crête's avatar Olivier Crête
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tcp-passive: Relay the tcp writable callback up

Otherwise, the caller gets a callback from an unexpected source.
parent cdbda884
......@@ -73,8 +73,6 @@ static void socket_set_writable_callback (NiceSocket *sock,
NiceSocketWritableCb callback, gpointer user_data);
static guint nice_address_hash (const NiceAddress * key);
static void _set_child_callbacks (NiceAddress *addr, NiceSocket *child,
NiceSocket *sock);
NiceSocket *
nice_tcp_passive_socket_new (GMainContext *ctx, NiceAddress *addr,
......@@ -245,13 +243,13 @@ socket_can_send (NiceSocket *sock, NiceAddress *addr)
static void
_set_child_callbacks (NiceAddress *addr, NiceSocket *child, NiceSocket *sock)
_child_writable_cb (NiceSocket *child, gpointer data)
NiceSocket *sock = data;
TcpPassivePriv *priv = sock->priv;
/* FIXME: Danger if child socket was closed */
nice_socket_set_writable_callback (child, priv->writable_cb,
if (priv->writable_cb)
priv->writable_cb (sock, priv->writable_data);
static void
......@@ -262,8 +260,6 @@ socket_set_writable_callback (NiceSocket *sock,
priv->writable_cb = callback;
priv->writable_data = user_data;
g_hash_table_foreach (priv->connections, (GHFunc) _set_child_callbacks, sock);
NiceSocket *
......@@ -306,7 +302,7 @@ nice_tcp_passive_socket_accept (NiceSocket *sock)
if (new_socket) {
NiceAddress *key = nice_address_dup (&remote_addr);
_set_child_callbacks (key, new_socket, sock);
nice_socket_set_writable_callback (new_socket, _child_writable_cb, sock);
g_hash_table_insert (priv->connections, key, new_socket);
return new_socket;
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