Commit c2ace8ea authored by Fabrice Bellet's avatar Fabrice Bellet Committed by Olivier Crête
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agent: fix server-reflexive candidates with oc2007r2

The nomination of a pair having such a local candidate breaks SfB when
the libnice agent is behind a nat that does not do port mapping
randomization. In that case a server reflexive local candidate usually
lead to a nominated pair.

The guess made here from observing this behavior is that, it is valid to
discover and signal these local server reflexive candidates to our peer,
but they should be removed from our local candidates list thereafter, so
they do not contribute to build a valid and *even worse* a nominated
pair with the type server-reflexive. They do not appear in the conncheck
list per design anyway.

Instead, the same candidate is discovered again later during the
conncheck, with a peer-reflexive type this time, and with that type, it
just works.

Closes #90
parent 85a5c0a0
......@@ -2236,12 +2236,13 @@ void agent_gathering_done (NiceAgent *agent)
for (j = stream->components; j; j = j->next) {
NiceComponent *component = j->data;
for (k = component->local_candidates; k; k = k->next) {
for (k = component->local_candidates; k;) {
NiceCandidate *local_candidate = k->data;
GSList *next = k->next;
if (agent->force_relay &&
local_candidate->type != NICE_CANDIDATE_TYPE_RELAYED)
goto next_cand;
if (nice_debug_is_enabled ()) {
gchar tmpbuf[INET6_ADDRSTRLEN];
......@@ -2253,6 +2254,36 @@ void agent_gathering_done (NiceAgent *agent)
local_candidate->stream_id, local_candidate->component_id,
local_candidate->username, local_candidate->password);
/* In addition to not contribute to the creation of a pair in the
* conncheck list, according to RFC 5245, sect. 5.7.3 "Pruning the
* Pairs", it can be guessed from SfB behavior, that server
* reflexive pairs are expected to be also removed from the
* candidates list, when pairs are formed, so they have no way to
* become part of a selected pair with such type.
* It can be observed that, each time a valid pair is discovered and
* nominated with a local candidate of type srv-rflx, is makes SfB
* fails with a 500 Internal Error.
* On the contrary, when a local srv-rflx candidate is gathered,
* normally announced in the sdp, but removed from the candidate
* list, in that case, when the *same* candidate is discovered again
* later during the conncheck, with peer-rflx type this time, then
* it just works.
if (agent->compatibility == NICE_COMPATIBILITY_OC2007R2 &&
local_candidate->type == NICE_CANDIDATE_TYPE_SERVER_REFLEXIVE) {
nice_debug ("Agent %p: removing this previous srv-rflx candidate "
"for OC2007R2 compatibility", agent);
component->local_candidates =
g_slist_remove (component->local_candidates, local_candidate);
agent_remove_local_candidate (agent, local_candidate);
nice_candidate_free (local_candidate);
goto next_cand;
for (l = component->remote_candidates; l; l = l->next) {
NiceCandidate *remote_candidate = l->data;
......@@ -2267,6 +2298,8 @@ void agent_gathering_done (NiceAgent *agent)
local_candidate, remote_candidate);
k = next;
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