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As requested on the mailing list, expand the documentation for
nice_debug_enable() to mention them.
parent 8ecd6b89
......@@ -75,9 +75,19 @@ G_BEGIN_DECLS
* nice_debug_enable:
* @with_stun: Also enable stun debugging messages
* @with_stun: Also enable STUN debugging messages
* Enables libnice debug output to the terminal
* Enables libnice debug output to the terminal. Note that the
* `G_MESSAGES_DEBUG` and `NICE_DEBUG` environment variables must be set to the
* set of logging domains to print, in order for any output to be printed. Set
* them to `all` to print all debugging messages, or any of the following
* domains:
* - `libnice-stun`
* - `libnice-tests`
* - `libnice-socket`
* - `libnice`
* - `libnice-pseudotcp`
* - `libnice-pseudotcp-verbose`
void nice_debug_enable (gboolean with_stun);
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