Commit d445746b authored by Olivier Crête's avatar Olivier Crête

Revert "conncheck: Start conncheck on server reply if needed"

This is not needed with the new code that checks if everythign is there
to start doing the tickets and caused it to start too early before
any remote candidates have been set. If that happens, it can set the pairs
between local candidates and the ones from early connchecks as mistakenly failed.

This reverts commit c69d479e.
parent c8a2a789
......@@ -3789,9 +3789,6 @@ static gboolean priv_map_reply_to_relay_request (NiceAgent *agent, StunMessage *
} else {
priv_add_new_turn_refresh (d, relay_cand, lifetime);
/* In case a new candidate has been added */
conn_check_schedule_next (agent);
d->stun_message.buffer = NULL;
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