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Document error cases of nice_agent_send

parent c356453a
......@@ -499,7 +499,23 @@ nice_agent_set_remote_candidates (
Component state MUST be NICE_COMPONENT_STATE_READY, or as a special case,
in any state if component was in READY state before and was then restarted
In reliable mode, the -1 error value means either that you are not yet
connected or that the send buffer is full (equivalent to EWOULDBLOCK).
In both cases, you simply need to wait for the
#NiceAgent::reliable-transport-writable signal to be fired before resending
the data.
In non-reliable mode, it will virtually never happen with UDP sockets, but
it might happen if the active candidate is a TURN-TCP connection that got
In both reliable and non-reliable mode, a -1 error code could also mean that
the stream_id and/or component_id are invalid.
* Returns: The number of bytes sent, or negative error code
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