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      stun: Fix a use of a function with an aggregate return value · 3e29fec4
      Philip Withnall authored
      div() has an aggregate return, which GCC doesn’t like, although this
      seems like a pretty pointless warning because div_t is the same size as
      a pointer on 64-bit platforms (probably) and hardly going to cause
      performance problems by passing it by value.
      Anyway, it seems easier to simplify the code by using explicit / and %
      operators inline, than it does to add pragmas and shut the warning up.
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      stun: Explicitly avoid a memcpy() from NULL · 869093b3
      Philip Withnall authored
      If stun_message_append_bytes() is called through
      stun_message_append_flag(), data will be NULL and len will be 0. This
      will result in a memcpy(ptr, NULL, 0) call. This probably won’t do any
      harm (since any reasonable memcpy() implementation will immediately
      return if (len == 0)), but the standard allows for memcpy() to explode
      if (data == NULL), regardless of the value of len.
      In order to be conformant, and to shut up the scan-build static analysis
      warning about it, only do the memcpy() if (len > 0).