Commit 3a25e367 authored by Olivier Crête's avatar Olivier Crête

udp-turn: Fix binding timeout leak

parent ba879664
......@@ -1087,6 +1087,13 @@ priv_binding_timeout (gpointer data)
ChannelBinding *b = i->data;
if (b->timeout_source == source) {
b->renew = TRUE;
/* Remove any existing timer */
if (b->timeout_source) {
g_source_destroy (b->timeout_source);
g_source_unref (b->timeout_source);
/* Install timer to expire the permission */
b->timeout_source = priv_timeout_add_with_context (priv,
STUN_EXPIRE_TIMEOUT, TRUE, priv_binding_expired_timeout, priv);
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