Commit 486ddffe authored by Youness Alaoui's avatar Youness Alaoui Committed by Olivier Crête

Do the recv on relayed socket

With OC2007 compat, doing a recv on the attached socket (udp-turn-over-tcp)
will cause the RFC4571 to be unframed before doing the parse_recv on the
udp-turn socket, which will fail. And even if that didn't fail, it
would still cause the resulting data to be rfc4571 since the unframing
in the agent happens before the parse_recv
parent afa8d74b
......@@ -2865,6 +2865,7 @@ agent_recv_message_unlocked (
NiceAddress from;
GList *item;
GSList *cand_i;
gint retval;
/* We need an address for packet parsing, below. */
......@@ -2872,7 +2873,26 @@ agent_recv_message_unlocked (
message->from = &from;
/* ICE-TCP requires that all packets be framed with RFC4571 */
/* In case of ICE-TCP on UDP-TURN (OC2007 compat), we need to do the recv
* on the UDP_TURN socket, but it's possible we receive the source event on
* the UDP_TURN_OVER_TCP socket, so in that case, we need to replace the
* socket we do the recv on to the topmost socket
for (cand_i = component->local_candidates; cand_i; cand_i = cand_i->next) {
NiceCandidate *cand = cand_i->data;
if (cand->type == NICE_CANDIDATE_TYPE_RELAYED &&
cand->stream_id == stream->id &&
cand->component_id == component->id &&
((NiceSocket *)cand->sockptr)->fileno == nicesock->fileno) {
nice_debug ("Agent %p : Packet received from a TURN socket.",
nicesock = cand->sockptr;
/* ICE-TCP requires that all packets be framed with RFC4571 */
if (nice_socket_is_reliable (nicesock)) {
/* In the case of OC2007 and OC2007R2 which uses UDP TURN for TCP-ACTIVE
* and TCP-PASSIVE candidates, the recv_messages will be packetized and
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