Commit 67b73d0f authored by Livio Madaro's avatar Livio Madaro Committed by Youness Alaoui

Refresh TURN CreatePermission at receiving data in case TURN path is asymetrical.

parent 3dd87082
......@@ -1057,6 +1057,13 @@ nice_turn_socket_parse_recv (NiceSocket *sock, NiceSocket **from_sock,
nice_address_set_from_sockaddr (from, (struct sockaddr *) &sa);
if (priv->compatibility == NICE_TURN_SOCKET_COMPATIBILITY_RFC5766 &&
!priv_has_permission_for_peer (priv, from)) {
if (!priv_has_sent_permission_for_peer (priv, from)) {
priv_send_create_permission (priv, NULL, from);
*from_sock = sock;
memmove (buf, data, len > data_len ? data_len : len);
return len > data_len ? data_len : len;
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