Commit 834de5c1 authored by Tudor Ambarus's avatar Tudor Ambarus Committed by Richard Weinberger
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mtd: spi-nor: Fix the disabling of write protection at init

spi_nor_spansion_clear_sr_bp() depends on spansion_quad_enable().
While spansion_quad_enable() is selected as default when
initializing the flash parameters, the nor->quad_enable() method
can be overwritten later on when parsing BFPT.

Select the write protection disable mechanism at spi_nor_init() time,
when the nor->quad_enable() method is already known.

Fixes: 191f5c2e

 ("mtd: spi-nor: use 16-bit WRR command when QE is set on spansion flashes")
Signed-off-by: default avatarTudor Ambarus <>
Reviewed-by: default avatarVignesh Raghavendra <>
Signed-off-by: default avatarRichard Weinberger <>
parent d45331b0
......@@ -3780,8 +3780,6 @@ static int spi_nor_init_params(struct spi_nor *nor,
/* Kept only for backward compatibility purpose. */
params->quad_enable = spansion_quad_enable;
if (nor->clear_sr_bp)
nor->clear_sr_bp = spi_nor_spansion_clear_sr_bp;
......@@ -4035,6 +4033,9 @@ static int spi_nor_init(struct spi_nor *nor)
int err;
if (nor->clear_sr_bp) {
if (nor->quad_enable == spansion_quad_enable)
nor->clear_sr_bp = spi_nor_spansion_clear_sr_bp;
err = nor->clear_sr_bp(nor);
if (err) {
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