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# Linux Kernel reports
A set of scripts to generate reports about the kernel. So far we have:
## install
* ``: compute stats about Authors, Mantainer committed patches,
patches sent on behalf of others and the usual tags like Reviewed-by, Acked-by, Tested-by and Reported-by for a given
list of commits.
* ``: create a html file with tree navigation and link to the the commits for a given list
of git commits
On a python3 environment:
## Installing
On a Python 3 environment run:
pip install pygit2 jinja2
pip install -r requirements.txt
## Generating HTML tree view
One of the python packages to install is `pygit2`, which depends on `libgit2 1.0.x`, if your
system doesn't have a package for it, install it manually on a local prefix and follow pygit2
docs instructions.
## Using
### Contributions stats
### Generating HTML tree view
Export the output of the git cmdline below to a csv file
......@@ -32,7 +50,8 @@ <csv file> <name> <git cmdline> <git HEAD>
`It` will output \<name>.html and \<name>.json
### scripts
### scripts/ folder
The `scripts` folder has some ready to use scripts to generate the analysis for some trees.
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