Commit 3cdfe1ff authored by epriestley's avatar epriestley

When running "arc land" from a detached HEAD, don't try to delete the source ref

Fixes T10321. Some reasonable but less-common workflows involve running `arc land` from a detached HEAD state.

When users do this, we currently try to delete the raw hash as though it were a branch during cleanup. Instead, detect if the thing we're thinking about deleting is a branch or not, and just leave it alone if it isn't.

Test Plan:
  - Ran `git checkout <some hash>`, then `arc land --revision <some revision>`.
  - Before, everything worked but cleanup tried to `git branch -D <some hash>`.
  - After, everything worked and cleanup skipped branch deletion.

Maniphest Tasks: T10321

Differential Revision:
parent d92fa963
......@@ -473,8 +473,9 @@ final class ArcanistGitLandEngine
private function destroyLocalBranch() {
$api = $this->getRepositoryAPI();
$source_ref = $this->getSourceRef();
if ($this->getSourceRef() == $this->getTargetOnto()) {
if ($source_ref == $this->getTargetOnto()) {
// If we landed a branch into a branch with the same name, so don't
// destroy it. This prevents us from cleaning up "master" if you're
// landing master into itself.
......@@ -483,20 +484,32 @@ final class ArcanistGitLandEngine
// TODO: Maybe this should also recover the proper upstream?
// See T10321. If we were not landing a branch, don't try to clean it up.
// This happens most often when landing from a detached HEAD.
$is_branch = $this->isBranch($source_ref);
if (!$is_branch) {
echo tsprintf(
'(Source "%s" is not a branch, leaving working copy as-is.)',
$recovery_command = csprintf(
'git checkout -b %R %R',
echo tsprintf(
pht('Cleaning up branch "%s"...', $this->getSourceRef()));
pht('Cleaning up branch "%s"...', $source_ref));
echo tsprintf(
pht('(Use `%s` if you want it back.)', $recovery_command));
$api->execxLocal('branch -D -- %s', $this->getSourceRef());
$api->execxLocal('branch -D -- %s', $source_ref);
......@@ -592,4 +605,14 @@ final class ArcanistGitLandEngine
'same state as before.'));
private function isBranch($ref) {
$api = $this->getRepositoryAPI();
list($err) = $api->execManualLocal(
'show-ref --verify --quiet -- %R',
return !$err;
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