Commit 70c0fd3f authored by epriestley's avatar epriestley

In Git, fall back across versions more cleanly when trying to get the URI for a remote

Summary: Fixes T13481. When identifying the URI for a remote, fall back from "git remote get-url" to "git ls-remote --get-url" to "git config remote.<name>.url" based on command output and version tests.

Test Plan: Ran `arc land --hold`, rigged the subcommands to fail to try all three fallbacks, ran `arc land --hold --remote asdfasdf` to get an explicit failure.

Maniphest Tasks: T13481

Differential Revision:
parent cc850163
......@@ -554,27 +554,7 @@ final class ArcanistGitAPI extends ArcanistRepositoryAPI {
// "git ls-remote --get-url" is the appropriate plumbing to get the remote
// URI. "git config remote.origin.url", on the other hand, may not be as
// accurate (for example, it does not take into account possible URL
// rewriting rules set by the user through "url.<base>.insteadOf"). However,
// the --get-url flag requires git 1.7.5.
$version = $this->getGitVersion();
if (version_compare($version, '1.7.5', '>=')) {
list($stdout) = $this->execxLocal('ls-remote --get-url %s', $remote);
} else {
list($stdout) = $this->execxLocal('config %s', "remote.{$remote}.url");
$uri = rtrim($stdout);
// ls-remote echos the remote name (ie 'origin') if no remote URI is found
// TODO: In 2.7.0 (circa 2016) git introduced `git remote get-url`
// with saner error handling.
if (!$uri || $uri === $remote) {
return null;
return $uri;
return $this->getGitRemoteFetchURI($remote);
public function getSourceControlPath() {
......@@ -1583,10 +1563,110 @@ final class ArcanistGitAPI extends ArcanistRepositoryAPI {
public function isPushableRemote($remote_name) {
$uri = $this->getGitRemotePushURI($remote_name);
return ($uri !== null);
private function getGitRemoteFetchURI($remote_name) {
return $this->getGitRemoteURI($remote_name, $for_push = false);
private function getGitRemotePushURI($remote_name) {
return $this->getGitRemoteURI($remote_name, $for_push = true);
private function getGitRemoteURI($remote_name, $for_push) {
$remote_uri = $this->loadGitRemoteURI($remote_name, $for_push);
if ($remote_uri !== null) {
$remote_uri = rtrim($remote_uri);
if (!strlen($remote_uri)) {
$remote_uri = null;
return $remote_uri;
private function loadGitRemoteURI($remote_name, $for_push) {
// Try to identify the best URI for a given remote. This is complicated
// because remotes may have different "push" and "fetch" URIs, may
// rewrite URIs with "insteadOf" configuration, and different versions
// of Git support different URI resolution commands.
// Remotes may also have more than one URI of a given type, but we ignore
// those cases here.
// Start with "git remote get-url [--push]". This is the simplest and
// most accurate command, but was introduced most recently in Git's
// history.
$argv = array();
if ($for_push) {
$argv[] = '--push';
list($err, $stdout) = $this->execManualLocal(
'remote get-url %Ls -- %s',
if (!$err) {
return $stdout;
// See T13481. If "git remote get-url [--push]" failed, it might be because
// the remote does not exist, but it might also be because the version of
// Git is too old to support "git remote get-url", which was introduced
// in Git 2.7 (circa late 2015).
$git_version = $this->getGitVersion();
if (version_compare($git_version, '2.7', '>=')) {
// This version of Git should support "git remote get-url --push", but
// the command failed, so conclude this is not a valid remote and thus
// there is no remote URI.
return null;
// If we arrive here, we're in a version of Git which is too old to
// support "git remote get-url [--push]". We're going to fall back to
// older and less accurate mechanisms for figuring out the remote URI.
// The first mechanism we try is "git ls-remote --get-url". This exists
// in Git 1.7.5 or newer. It only gives us the fetch URI, so this result
// will be incorrect if a remote has different fetch and push URIs.
// However, this is very rare, and this result is almost always correct.
list($err, $stdout) = $this->execManualLocal(
'remote get-url --push -- %s',
'ls-remote --get-url -- %s',
return !$err;
if (!$err) {
// The "git ls-remote --get-url" command just echoes the remote name
// (like "origin") if no remote URI is found. Treat this like a failure.
$output_is_input = (rtrim($stdout) === $remote_name);
if (!$output_is_input) {
return $stdout;
if (version_compare($git_version, '1.7.5', '>=')) {
// This version of Git should support "git ls-remote --get-url", but
// the command failed (or echoed the input), so conclude the remote
// really does not exist.
return null;
// Fall back to the very old "git config -- remote.origin.url" command.
// This does not give us push URLs and does not resolve "insteadOf"
// aliases, but still works in the simplest (and most common) cases.
list($err, $stdout) = $this->execManualLocal(
'config -- %s',
sprintf('remote.%s.url', $remote_name));
if (!$err) {
return $stdout;
return null;
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