Commit 9830c931 authored by epriestley's avatar epriestley

Make minor correctness changes to some "arc patch" command execution

Since I'm in here for PHI1083:

  - Add some "--" so we get correct behavior when you have a file named "master", a branch named "README.txt", etc.
  - Stop using "%C" unnecessarily.
  - Fix some untranslatable strings.

Test Plan: Ran `arc patch` a couple of times, ran the variations of `git` commands to catch anything weird with "--" handling.

Reviewers: amckinley

Reviewed By: amckinley

Differential Revision:
parent 73804f00
......@@ -741,21 +741,26 @@ EOTEXT
$repository_api->execPassthru('submodule update --init --recursive');
if ($this->shouldCommit()) {
$flags = array();
if ($bundle->getFullAuthor()) {
$author_cmd = csprintf('--author=%s', $bundle->getFullAuthor());
} else {
$author_cmd = '';
$flags[] = csprintf('--author=%s', $bundle->getFullAuthor());
$commit_message = $this->getCommitMessage($bundle);
$future = $repository_api->execFutureLocal(
'commit -a %C -F - --no-verify',
'commit -a %Ls -F - --no-verify',
$verb = pht('committed');
pht('Successfully committed patch.'));
} else {
$verb = pht('applied');
pht('Successfully applied patch.'));
if ($this->canBranch() &&
......@@ -765,18 +770,18 @@ EOTEXT
// See PHI1083 and PHI648. Synchronize submodule state after mutating
// the working copy.
$repository_api->execxLocal('checkout %s', $original_branch);
$repository_api->execxLocal('checkout %s --', $original_branch);
$repository_api->execPassthru('submodule update --init --recursive');
$ex = null;
try {
$repository_api->execxLocal('cherry-pick %s', $new_branch);
$repository_api->execxLocal('cherry-pick -- %s', $new_branch);
$repository_api->execPassthru('submodule update --init --recursive');
} catch (Exception $ex) {
// do nothing
$repository_api->execxLocal('branch -D %s', $new_branch);
$repository_api->execxLocal('branch -D -- %s', $new_branch);
if ($ex) {
echo phutil_console_format(
......@@ -786,10 +791,6 @@ EOTEXT
echo phutil_console_format(
"<bg:green>** %s **</bg> %s\n",
pht('Successfully %s patch.', $verb));
} else if ($repository_api instanceof ArcanistMercurialAPI) {
$future = $repository_api->execFutureLocal('import --no-commit -');
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