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    Improve line breaking behavior in Firefox and Chrome under complex conditions · 1da54837
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    Summary: See <https://github.com/phacility/phabricator/pull/854>. In some situations, `line-break: anywhere` produces better behavior than `word-break: break-all`. It never appears to produce worse behavior.
    Test Plan:
      - Break behavior changes if a line contains "<span />" elements caused by syntax highlighting. This CSS adjustment only appears to apply to text with internal "<span />" elements.
      - This specifically impacts certain internal breakpoints adjacent to punctuation, so the test case is highly specific. Generic test cases with latin word characters do not evidence any behavioral changes.
      - This change appears to have no impact on Safari, which uses the better behavior in all cases.
      - Before Patch: In Firefox and Chrome, this specific change breaks awkwardly. There is more room for text to fit on the broken line:
      - After Patch: Firefox and Chrome break the line better. Here's Firefox:
      - Additional context:
    Safari Behavior (Unchanged)
    Chrome with no highlighting (desirable behavior). Firefox does the same thing.
    Also tested other cases, which seem never-worse in any browser.
    Differential Revision: https://secure.phabricator.com/D21247
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