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    Prevent object titles in the "Object Attacher" dialog from triggering... · 3069ef41
    epriestley authored
    Prevent object titles in the "Object Attacher" dialog from triggering Quicksand "Close Dialog on Navigation" behavior
    Fixes T13363. Currently, these are genuine links which we intercept events for.
    Make them pseudolinks instead. Possible alternative approaches are:
      - Keep them as genuine links, but mark them as non-navigation links for Quicksand. (But: yuck, weird special case.)
      - Keep them as genuine links, and have the dialog handler `JX.Stratcom.pass()` to see if anything handles the event. (But: the "pass()" pattern generally feels bad.)
    "Tableaus" or whatever comes out of T10469 some day will probably break everything anyway?
    Test Plan:
      - Opened the "Edit Related Tasks... > Edit Subtasks" dialog.
      - Clicked task title links (not the "open in new window" icon, and not the "Select" button).
      - Before: Dialog (sometimes) closed abruptly.
      - After: Task is consistently selected as part of the attachment set.
    Maniphest Tasks: T13363
    Differential Revision: https://secure.phabricator.com/D20693
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