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    LOCAL/UI: Project: Show review/CI status on workboard · ecb1b12d
    Daniel Stone authored
    On project workboard cards, also show the status of linked code reviews;
    both the review itself, and any attached Harbormaster CI buildables.
    This is already taken care of in the task-detail view by 45c740ac,
    and extends it to the workboard view. It should probably share more code
    with the task-detail view.
    It will not be accepted upstream in its current form; it was felt in
    https://secure.phabricator.com/T7076 discussion that performing multiple
    queries for each revision to get the current state was too much. This
    makes it exceedingly unlikely that doing the same number of queries for
    every task in a workboard would be acceptable.
    There was discussion of how to fix that, but it was essentially
    impossible, and explicitly discouraged for anyone to even try.
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