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    Activate "jx-toggle-class" on click to fix broken mobile behavior · eecee172
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    See downstream <https://phabricator.wikimedia.org/T201480>. Searching for things on mobile is a significant challenge because clicking the "Magnifying Glass" icon shows and then immediately hides the menu. I believe some aspect of iOS event handling has changed since this was originally written.
    At some point, I'd like to rewrite this to work more cleanly and get rid of `jx-toggle-class`. In particular, it isn't smart enough to know that it should be modal with other menus, so you can get states like this by clicking multiple things:
    This would also probably just look and work better if it was an inline element that showed up under the header instead of a floating dropdown element.
    However, I'm having a hard time getting the Safari debugger to actually connect to the iOS simulator, so take a small step toward this bright future and fix the immediate problem for now: toggle on click instead of mousedown/touchstart.
    This means the menu opens ~100ms later, but actually works. Big improvement!
    I'd like to move away from "jx-toggle-class" anyway (it usually isn't sophisticated enough to fully describe a behavior) so reducing complexity here seems good. It isn't used in //too// many places so this is unlikely to have any negative effects, I hope.
    Test Plan: On iOS simulator, clicked the magnifying glass icon in the main menu to get a search input. Before: got a search input for a microsecond. After: actually got a search input.
    Reviewers: amckinley
    Reviewed By: amckinley
    Differential Revision: https://secure.phabricator.com/D20343
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