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Work around rendering engine freeze in Chrome 77 affecting workboards

Ref T13413. In Chrome 77, workboard cards with titles that must break in the middle of words cause the browser to completely lock up.

Work around the major known instance of this by overriding the "break-word" behavior. This gives us worse rendering for tasks with very long "words" in their titles (they are truncated instead of broken) but fixes the freezing.

Once Chrome is fixed, this can be reverted.

Test Plan:
  - Created a task named "MMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMMM" on a workboard.
  - Loaded the board in Chrome 77.
  - Before: entire page locks up.
  - After: smooth sailing, except the "MMMMMM..." is truncated.

Maniphest Tasks: T13413

Differential Revision:
parent 3f662033
......@@ -179,7 +179,7 @@ return array(
'rsrc/css/phui/phui-two-column-view.css' => '01e6991e',
'rsrc/css/phui/workboards/phui-workboard-color.css' => 'e86de308',
'rsrc/css/phui/workboards/phui-workboard.css' => '74fc9d98',
'rsrc/css/phui/workboards/phui-workcard.css' => '9e9eb0df',
'rsrc/css/phui/workboards/phui-workcard.css' => '913441b6',
'rsrc/css/phui/workboards/phui-workpanel.css' => '3ae89b20',
'rsrc/css/sprite-login.css' => '18b368a6',
'rsrc/css/sprite-tokens.css' => 'f1896dc5',
......@@ -876,7 +876,7 @@ return array(
'phui-two-column-view-css' => '01e6991e',
'phui-workboard-color-css' => 'e86de308',
'phui-workboard-view-css' => '74fc9d98',
'phui-workcard-view-css' => '9e9eb0df',
'phui-workcard-view-css' => '913441b6',
'phui-workpanel-view-css' => '3ae89b20',
'phuix-action-list-view' => 'c68f183f',
'phuix-action-view' => 'aaa08f3b',
......@@ -36,6 +36,10 @@
.phui-workcard .phui-oi-link {
white-space: normal;
/* See T13413. This works around a Chrome 77 rendering engine freeze. */
word-wrap: normal;
font-weight: normal;
color: {$blacktext};
margin-left: 2px;
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