Commit 4dcef812 authored by Daniel Stone's avatar Daniel Stone Committed by Ana Rute Mendes
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LOCAL/UI: Project: Show task status in workboard cards

Show the status of every task in workboard cards using the icons
explicitly, rather than just differentiating between closed and

This is a local UI choice.
parent ecb1b12d
......@@ -149,13 +149,14 @@ final class ProjectBoardTaskCard extends Phobject {
if ($task->isClosed()) {
$icon = ManiphestTaskStatus::getStatusIcon($task->getStatus());
$icon = id(new PHUIIconView())
->setIcon($icon.' grey');
$status = $task->getStatus();
$status_icon = ManiphestTaskStatus::getStatusIcon($status);
if (ManiphestTaskStatus::isClosedStatus($status)) {
$status_color = 'grey';
} else {
$status_color = 'dark';
$card->setStatusIcon($status_icon.' '.$status_color);
$review_status = $task->getReviewIcon($viewer);
if ($review_status) {
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