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Use `phutil_var_export` in `CelerityManagementMapWorkflow`

Summary: `phutil_var_export` produces more readable output than `var_export`. Depends on D9923.

Test Plan: Eye-balled the Celerity map.

Reviewers: epriestley, #blessed_reviewers

Reviewed By: epriestley, #blessed_reviewers

Subscribers: epriestley, Korvin

Differential Revision:
parent d18f4eb3
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......@@ -351,9 +351,7 @@ final class CelerityManagementMapWorkflow
private function formatMapContent(array $data) {
$content = var_export($data, true);
$content = preg_replace('/\s+$/m', '', $content);
$content = preg_replace('/array \(/', 'array(', $content);
$content = phutil_var_export($data, true);
$generated = '@'.'generated';
return <<<EOFILE
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