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Fix an issue where builds with no initiator failed to render in build plans

Summary: See PHI1743. If a build has no initiator PHID, the rendering pathway incorrectly tries to access a handle for it anyway.

Test Plan:
  - Set a build to have no initiator PHID.
  - Viewed the build plan for the build.
  - Before: fatal when trying to access the `null` handle.
  - After: clean build plan rendering.

Subscribers: PHID-OPKG-gm6ozazyms6q6i22gyam

Differential Revision:
parent 770a5c84
......@@ -34,7 +34,7 @@ final class HarbormasterBuildView
$list = new PHUIObjectItemListView();
foreach ($builds as $build) {
$id = $build->getID();
$initiator = $handles[$build->getInitiatorPHID()];
$buildable_object = $handles[$build->getBuildable()->getBuildablePHID()];
$item = id(new PHUIObjectItemView())
......@@ -46,7 +46,9 @@ final class HarbormasterBuildView
if ($initiator) {
$initiator_phid = $build->getInitiatorPHID();
if ($initiator_phid) {
$initiator = $handles[$initiator_phid];
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