Commit fa756098 authored by Daniel Stone's avatar Daniel Stone Committed by Ana Rute Mendes
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LOCAL/UI: Maniphest: Show points and review status in task queries

In the Maniphest query result view, show the story points as well as the
review/CI status on each task as we currently show them in workboard
column cards, along with the project tags.

This is local UI policy; the correct fix (of rewriting hover/card views
to be more generic and extensible) is pretty much impossible to achieve,
and isn't approachable by non-Phacility contributors.
parent 4dcef812
...@@ -107,6 +107,28 @@ final class ManiphestTaskListView extends ManiphestView { ...@@ -107,6 +107,28 @@ final class ManiphestTaskListView extends ManiphestView {
$item->addAttribute($subtype_tag); $item->addAttribute($subtype_tag);
} }
$review_status = $task->getReviewIcon($this->getUser());
if ($review_status !== null) {
id(new PHUITagView())
if (ManiphestTaskPoints::getIsEnabled()) {
$points = $task->getPoints();
if ($points !== null) {
id(new PHUITagView())
$project_handles = array_select_keys( $project_handles = array_select_keys(
$handles, $handles,
array_reverse($task->getProjectPHIDs())); array_reverse($task->getProjectPHIDs()));
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