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    Support "ssl.chain" in Aphlict configuration · 07fc8f17
    epriestley authored
    Summary: Fixes T10806. Although browsers don't seem to care about this, it's more correct to support it, and the new test console uses normal `cURL` and does care.
    Test Plan:
      - Hit the error case for providing a chain but no key/cert.
      - Used `openssl s_client -connect localhost:22280` to connect to local Aphlict servers.
      - With SSL but no chain, saw `openssl` fail to verify the remote.
      - With SSL and a chain, saw `openssl` verify the identify of the remote.
    Reviewers: chad
    Reviewed By: chad
    Maniphest Tasks: T10806
    Differential Revision: https://secure.phabricator.com/D15709
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