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title: Minnowboard Turbot E3826
The Minnowboard turbot is a Intel Atom based SBC
![Minnowboard turbot](/img/minnowboard-turbot-E3825.jpg)
* Intel Atom E3826 SoC
* 2x Intel CPU at 1.46ghz
* 2GB memory
* Intel graphics
* Ethernet port
* 2x USB (1x USB 3, 1x USB 2)
* 1x micro SD card
* 1x SATA II port
* No RTC
* Size: 99x74mm
The board can be bought via
[mouser]( Note that this is
the dual-core not quad core board.
### Power control
The board can be powered on/off via a DC power jack:
* 5V/4A DC input, 2.1mm x 5.5mm, center positive
### Low-level boot control
The board has a 6 pin serial header between the sata port and the microsd
slot. The pinout is as follows:
* 1: GND (closest to sata)
* 2: CTS
* 3: VCC (3.3v)
* 4: TXD
* 5: RXD
* 6: RTS
This is a pretty common layout for use with FDTI USB to serial cables; These
can be bought on e.g. [mouser](
Serial port settings: 115200 8N1
#### Network connectivity
Standard ethernet jack; nothing to see here.
### Bootloader
As an intel system the minnowboard comes with a UEFI bios installed, which
is capable of PXE booting. The recommended way of loading a bootloader is via
this mechanism e.g. grub, which lava can further drive.
Notes on how to build a suitable grub can be found in
[the apertis setup guide](
### Health checks
* Standard x86\_64 Linux kernel can be used for healthchecks
### Lab notes and trouble shooting
Insert SD cards in the SD card slot for testing.
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